Unique Reading Nook Design Ideas For Kids 48
Unique Reading Nook Design Ideas For Kids 48

30+ Unique Reading Nook Design Ideas For Kids

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Everyone needs a special reading nook where they can unwind and get really interested in a book. Kids need the same. It’s hard to find a quiet place where a child isn’t distracted by the television, computer games, iPods or gaming systems. A kids playhouse can be just the place for a child to escape to read.

As a parent, we need to encourage our children to read on a daily basis, but it’s hard when there are so many things competing for your child’s attention. A kids playhouse can be set up to be a comfortable and quiet environment that encourages quality reading time. It might be so inviting, that your child will actually choose to go to the playhouse to read without a battle. How many parents would love to be in that situation?

Here are several tips to make an outdoor play house into a reading nook that your child will want to go to for their reading pleasure:

1. Make it inviting. Place comfortable furniture in the playhouse like bean bag chairs or a comfortable rocking chair to sit in to read. Round it out with a favorite blanket and pillow and it would be hard for any child to resist coming to read in the playhouse. If you’re very ambitious, consider putting a window seat in the playhouse that has a soft cushion and perhaps a curtain that can be drawn around the window seat for privacy. How cool would that private area be for getting away to read? Don’t forget to have their favorite snacks on hand!

2. Have good lighting. It’s important to have good lighting when your child reads. This could be via electric or battery powered lights or it could just mean that the playhouse has bright, natural lighting. Battery operated lighting can be an added “fun” factor because it’s like camping and totally different from what their used to in the main house.