Wonderful Mid Century Living Room Decor Ideas 48
Wonderful Mid Century Living Room Decor Ideas 48

30+ Wonderful Mid Century Living Room Decor Ideas

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The use of nature’s materials as wood, stone and marble stood out the mid century interior decor: furniture, surfaces, ceilings and rooms accessories.
Using them, the architects could pleasantly connect the indoors with the outdoor.

Stone and marble floors were great to unify -both essentially and in practice- living rooms with terraces and if polished perhaps even could reflect the exterior landscape.

The coarse irregular surface area of the natural flagstone that have been used for the flooring acted additionally as a membrane for the sleek flagstones used to line the fire place.
The flue was basically made within the cross wall and hidden, using only the aperture to show that it was a hearth.

Throughout the vast wide variety of woods existing available to the designers, Teak wood was basically one of the most appreciate and employed specially by the Scandinavian designers.

Teak wood is a kind of wood with sensational qualities originally from Asia. It was previously in use in Denmark since the 20s to become the trademark of Danish design and style in the fifties.