Awesome Interior Design Ideas For Dorm Room 37
Awesome Interior Design Ideas For Dorm Room 37

20+ Awesome Interior Design Ideas For Dorm Room

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From my recollection of living in the dorms back at the University of California, I do remember that the dorm room had been very cold and dingy and colorless. It was awhile back though; all I can remember on the walls were my Oasis band posters and a movie poster for the film “Playing God” which is a pretty good movie. At first I had trouble adjusting to leaving the comfort and coziness of my parents home, and the plush aura of my bedroom in my parents home but I was forced to adapt to the dullness of the dorm room because of the distance the school was from my parents.

As I moved into the dorm room, I ran into a longtime childhood friend Anya, she is a very sweet girl, as well as being greeted by my dorm roommate a transplant from China, Hang Zhang, whom now has blossomed into a very well rounded painter and photographer. I walked into the room greeted with two small beds, boring as hell furniture that even Ikea probably wouldn’t sell, plain white walls, cheap carpet and some bad desks that I probably wouldn’t even dare use to studying on.

The one thing that I would do now if I were moving into a dorm that I didn’t think about than would be the fact of wall decals and wall stickers. You are not allowed to paint your dorm room walls, well unless you want to pay the school a huge fine of course, but the walls are the worst part of the room.

Wall art like stickers and decals are pretty cost effective and allow you to alter your dorm room more frequently, to keep the freshness rocking. Since you cannot paint your walls, you can use the advice of color with wall decals and stickers, by covering your walls with different colored wall art decals and wall stickers you can provide the appearance of painted walls.