Modern Scandinavian Decor Ideas For Bedroom 49
Modern Scandinavian Decor Ideas For Bedroom 49

30+ Modern Scandinavian Decor Ideas For Bedroom

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yourself locked away inside the final design. For this reason you can’t be too afraid or lazy to scour every possible source for ideas.

Firstly, think of a style. Do you want Pop Art chic, the retro style of Art Deco, or the Zen-like state of minimalism and Feng Shui? Think hard – you want your room to have a certain feeling; after all, it will be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.

You’ll also need to consider the thoughts of anyone you share a room with, and probably the overall style of the home too – you don’t want one room to look like a dungeon in a palace of airy light. Use magazines and brochures and catalogues to find anything and everything that catches your eye, cut out what you do like and form a scrapbook of inspiration. Don’t be afraid to ask around for suggestions, too, and take pictures of rooms you see that you like the look of.