Creative Handmade Pendant Lighting Ideas From Wood 15
Creative Handmade Pendant Lighting Ideas From Wood 15

20+ Creative Handmade Pendant Lighting Ideas From Wood

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Fixtures that have elaborate designs and antique hues to them are flavor. Its about rich, yet chic styles specially chosen to complement the room decor. Dark tones, complicated designs, and durable and strong materials will be seen majorly.

Chandeliers are the most commonly understood and seen antique lighting fixtures, but there other lighting accessories and fixtures that qualify as antiques and are perfect additions to a small room. Antique wall sconces, lamps, lamp shades, antique oil burners are some of the antique picks that will gradually pick up as the year progresses. Black metal hurricane lamps and rustic lanterns are some other antique looking decorative lighting that are classic additions for all kinds of rooms.

Finally the unique lighting fixtures, uncommon shapes and designs are catching up with those who have an eye for aesthetics. Portable table lights, hand painted stained glass lamp shades, bottle crafted hanging light shades; creativity and uniqueness is the mantra.

You can also make a lot of creative lighting accessories from recycled materials and easily available trash at home like aluminum lanterns, handmade paper lampshades. Amongst the buys, always look out for different stuff, crazy designs, bold color blends, new regional arts and new launches.