Pretty Summer Planter Ideas For Home 48
Pretty Summer Planter Ideas For Home 48

30+ Pretty Summer Planter Ideas For Home

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If you want to brighten up your own home or are looking for something a little different as a gift, you can’t get much better than an indoor planter filled with your favourite plants. Whether your taste is traditional or modern there will be an indoor planter for you. I must admit I don’t much go in for house plants, I much prefer to bring a little of my garden indoors to match the seasons outside. Here are just a few of the ideas I use to plant up indoor pots and some examples you might not expect to see as indoor planters, but which work wonderfully.

Spring-time is all about bulbs. Spring bulbs begin to appear in the shops as early as January and are a cheery reminder of better things to come. I always think that very early bulbs are better enjoyed inside than out in the garden, where the weather may keep you in for days on end and prevent you from enjoying them. Spring bulbs will do just as well indoors as they do outside and once they have finished flowering you can transplant them out into the garden where they will reappear next spring. Charming little arrangements can be simply achieved in small old terracotta pots and even vintage tea cups using snowdrops, dwarf narcissus and muscari. Push a layer of moss around the bulbs for a finishing touch.

Larger arrangements can be created in almost any indoor planter that takes your fancy. Try an old zinc bucket, wooden box, china jug or fruit bowl. Anything old that you don’t want to spoil by filling with soil can be disguised by placing plastic pots of bulbs inside and then covering with moss. With larger indoor planters try combining varieties of bulbs together. For example, a large fruit bowl can be filled with dwarf tulips, tete-a-tete and dwarf. Make sure the colour and height of the bulbs compliment the planter you are using. If you are combining varieties of bulbs together, make sure the colours don’t clash.

In summer there are many garden plants that can be brought inside and planted in indoor planters. The secret is to position them where there is plenty of light but out of direct sunlight. I use miniature roses a lot in summer. They look equally stunning in both vintage and modern indoor planters. Bedding plants can also do well inside in the right position. Fill a old terracotta long toms with a single viola plant. Other garden favourites that can be brought indoors include dianthus, geranium, lavender, and other herbs.