Elegant Gothic Home Interior Design Ideas 39
Elegant Gothic Home Interior Design Ideas 39

20+ Elegant Gothic Home Interior Design Ideas

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Gothic style dates back to the Middle Ages of the 1100s to 1500s and was dominated by ecclesiastical influences through the Catholic Church. The design resurfaced during a Gothic Revival in the 18th and 19th centuries, accenting residential architecture with a more romantic nature of ornate details in trims and carvings.

Homes in England were mostly constructed of masonry while in the United States, stone or brick was used. Contrary to popular belief, a true Gothic style will not feature underworld designs such as skulls. Remember this was inspired by ecclesiastic and secular fashions of the day.

The most important elements in a home design should include pointed arches, fireplaces, stained glass, and wooden ceiling beams. Floors are typically of a hard surface like stone, tile, or dark stained hardwood with rugs in deep tones reflecting a castle-like retreat. Using old church type furnishing such as pews, benches, and trestle tables with dark rich fabrics such as brocades and velvets enhance the interior design.

Furniture pieces should be heavy and solid and can be elaborately carved or simplistic in nature, depending on the depth of the style you are seeking. Look for pieces with turned legs, arched designs, and plush upholstery.

Room accents will carry hues of dramatic colors like purple, ruby, black, ochre, forest green, and gold. Walls are presented in simple colors, painted grays, or wood tones to reflect the stone that was used during the period. The addition of rich wall tapestries and velvet window treatments will create a magical atmosphere that is a strong element of Gothic style.Accessories may include candles, wrought iron pieces, religious statuary, and gargoyles.

Gothic style can be rather expensive due to the richness of furnishings and textured elements, but the end result will be worth any effort and time you put into exterior or interior remodeling and decor. Be sure to consult a professional for design help and any remodel changes that may be needed in creating this stunning style for your home or room of choice.