Cozy Outdoor Shower Ideas For Your Backyard 51
Cozy Outdoor Shower Ideas For Your Backyard 51

30+ Cozy Outdoor Shower Ideas For Your Backyard

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After twenty years in the remodeling business I’ve come to realize that people remodel with big dreams in mind. They’re looking to create a feel, an attitude, an environment. They want to transform a space into something that will transform their mood! This is especially true when talking about outdoor remodeling.

If the goal of your outdoor remodeling project is to create a tropical environment, then the outdoor shower is an element that you don’t want to leave out. Nothing can give you that feel of tropical bliss like standing under a cool shower on a hot summer day and looking up at the beautiful sunny blue sky!

If the area surrounding your shower allows for it, the best look can be had by incorporating landscaping into the design. One of the best outdoor showers I’ve done was, except for the landscaping, fully open to the backyard on one whole side of 6′ long! And the house was on a busy lake, so privacy was important.

By incorporating heavy planting, which included bamboo, sea grapes, hibiscus, and other tropical nature plants (it was a warm climate) the feel created was that of standing under a waterfall in a tropical jungle.