Affordable Garden Tub Decorating Ideas 45
Affordable Garden Tub Decorating Ideas 45

30+ Affordable Garden Tub Decorating Ideas

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When deciding what containers to use in your garden or outdoor space consider what type of plants you want to use and the decorative effect that the container(s) of choice has on the surroundings as well as the size and type of space you have available. Below is a description of a variety of containers each with different qualities and requirements. Hopefully there is enough information included here to help you to utilize garden containers to maximize effect.

It is also a good idea to scour the internet for photos of different containers and be bedazzled by the vast assortment of them before choosing and buying your favourite containers.

Ceramic plant pots
These come in a variety of colours and are finished with a high gloss exterior. They can be quite large & heavy when filled with soil (as with some other containers). So plan first where to place them. You can of course buy a pot mover (which is a board on wheels) to move them around the garden when looking for a shady spot for your plant on a hot summer’s day.

Fibre-glass/poly resin pots
Fibre-glass/poly resin pots are made to look like traditional stone urns or lead cisterns. When you buy fibre-glass/poly resin pots it is a good idea to get top of the range items so as to keep that quality look. The ageing process will eventually make lower-priced fibre-glass/poly resin pots look cheap & tatty. This also applies to other artificial containers that you use in your garden.

Half-Whisky barrels
When buying a half-barrel at a garden centre or online, hopefully, it will have been prepared for planting. This means that holes have been drilled in the bottom of the barrel and the wood treated with preservative. If this has not been done, remember to do this yourself first before using it in your garden.