Unique Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Ideas 35
Unique Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Ideas 35

20+ Unique Chalkboard Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Section off a wall in the kitchen that you can paint so that you can write down menus or grocery lists. You can even take a piece of wood and paint it with whiteboard paint and hang it on a wall and have your weekly menus written on the board for everyone in the family to see.

If you don’t mind your kids drawing on the refrigerator you can also use the paint on the refrigerator. You can have your very own personalized refrigerator fresh with drawings from your kids every day. You can also use chalkboard paint as your backsplash as well. You can write messages, recipes, and just doodle while cooking dinner.

If you have a home office in your house, you may be able to utilize chalkboard paint to your advantage. Use the paint on a section of a wall so that you can make your very own message board or monthly/weekly calendar.

It is much more convenient to have a large board on the wall for your important tasks and items rather than a small desk calendar that you may not even notice every day. You could also paint a small piece of wood, frame it, hang it outside the home office door, and write messages on it when you don’t want to be bothered.