Creative Beach Christmas Decor Ideas 40
Creative Beach Christmas Decor Ideas 40

20+ Creative Beach Christmas Decor Ideas

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The love of oceanside events has caused a love of all things beach related. This includes beach Christmas decorations. Not only can such themes be incorporated with traditional ones, but could be used alone. This includes things like using seashells, fish net, starfish, crabs, and other things used to decorate for the holidays.

The most obvious way to decorate is with a starfish tree topper on the top in place of the traditional star. You can glue a sprinkling of glitter, in either gold, silver, or possibly red or green to add some sparkle. Draping streamers from the starfish on top down the sides of the tree can add to the holiday look. Very small seashells might be pierced with a small drill and a ribbon or yarn run through the hole to hang it from the tree. If you don’t want the hanger to show, use fishing line.

Driftwood, or rustic wood cut in different shapes using a jigsaw may be painted or stained, adding a cute holiday word or two, and hung for decoration. These make excellent door decorations in lieu of, or in addition to, a wreath. The wreath itself might be decorated with pretty seashells, pieces of driftwood, and a cut-out wooden surfing Santa. Also, starfish or an octopus decorated with a Santa hat and attached to the wreath is an attractive wreath ornament.

Attractive table centerpieces can be designed with a tray of white sand, with seashells partially embedded in it. Weave short pieces of fish net, or small decorative anchors, all threaded with ribbons in Christmas colors to make it look more holiday-like. Adding glittery or shiny glass ornaments to the arrangement can give the illusion of bubbles in the sea.

Place cards decorated with a combination of holiday themes and seashells can make for a very festive look, but be reminiscent of the seaside as well. Tree skirts and cards decorated with flip flops, surf boards, a variety of seashells, and different varieties of colorful coral or seaweed make attractive decorations. These should be either decoupaged or appliqued, depending on the materials used.