Amazing Diy Wooden Christmas Decorations Ideas 35
Amazing Diy Wooden Christmas Decorations Ideas 35

30+ Amazing Diy Wooden Christmas Decorations Ideas

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I can still remember my favourite Christmas decorations from when I was a kid. I’d play with them before they officially went on display around the house or on the tree. I wish my mom had kept the cute little elves, they looked exactly like today’s The Elf on the Shelf, but way lower maintenance for my mom! She just popped them out of the box and I played with them for hours. It reminds me that we don’t have to go to elaborate lengths to create Christmas traditions for our kids. All of my most treasured memories are of simple things, like my brother and I pilfering homemade chocolate chip squares that were kept in cold storage until Christmas day; having huge, extended-family dinners on a makeshift table in the rec room downstairs; and spending leisurely Christmas mornings opening gifts and snacking on sweet Italian panettone and tangy O.J.

Start some Christmas traditions with your tots today and remember to keep them simple!

Christmas tree cutting is a huge, annual tradition in my family. We always cut down our own tree in the forest where we live and we take along hot cocoa in a thermos and snacks for the outing. My kids still remember the year we all slid down a frozen creek bed with our freshly cut tree to get to the bottom of the mountain we had scaled. Bring along a toboggan for toddlers with little legs who tire easily!

Christmas cards are the perfect activity to do with toddlers, but you need to shelve your usual, exacting standards and let your tots have their way with them. They can make their own or help you decorate cards and envelopes with colouring and festive stickers. Relatives love seeing children’s artwork.

Cookie decorating and gingerbread house-building are favourites with my kids. They don’t mind if you don’t make the gingerbread yourself, they’re just happy propping up walls with icing and plastering candies all over everything. Cut yourself some slack and buy a DIY cookie or gingerbread kit and watch their faces light up.