Stunning Winter Table Ideas For Winter Decor 43
Stunning Winter Table Ideas For Winter Decor 43

30+ Stunning Winter Table Ideas For Winter Decor

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You may feel this would be a stereotypical type of table dressing with everything being so seasonal, but why not try something a little different. There are some fantastic feather butterflies in all the colours you can think of why not have these mingled in with cornus sanguinea Midwinter Fire or (Dogwood).

These shrubs have fantastic bright red stems in the winter and if these are entwined with Swarvoskis, fresh water pearls and some fairy lights you have centre pieces everyone would remember. What about handbaked ginger biscuit place names with either the guest’s name inscribed in icing or put a hole at the top and have a raffia and wooden plaque with the name written or painted on.

Another edible goody for your guests to smile about! I’ve also seen tea-light holders made from gingerbread so that the scent of ginger wisps around the tables, have a little fun seeing which table can hold off eating their holder the longest!

These are just a few ideas that you can mingle with your own to create that unique bit of magic for your table decorations.

Of course, your table settings may well be dictated to by the time of year i.e. autumnal colours, winter freshness or deep reds, blues or greens but whatever you choose, be creative and most of all have fun!

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