Romantic Rustic Wooden Decor Ideas 34
Romantic Rustic Wooden Decor Ideas 34

30+ Romantic Rustic Wooden Decor Ideas

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For a lot of homeowners, decorating their homes in a rustic decor has to be the cats meow. Even among people who do not care for a vintage decor, a rustic western type decor will get their attention pretty quick, There’s just something about the Old West that stirs our imaginations and feelings. And few things are as rustic as a wooden sign carved in an Old West style font!

Whether you want a handful of signs to spread out through your home, or just one large sign that announces to all visitors that they’ve reached ‘Your Ranch’, a rustic wooden sign helps add to the charm of any rustic decor.

If you really want to be creative, think about different names you can give each room and then have a custom wooden sign made for each. For example, you could have a sign made up for “Buddy’s Bunkhouse” for your sons room and perhaps one called “Mary’s Boarding House” for your daughter’s room. Let your imagination be the only limit. This gives any home with a rustic decor that Old West feeling. Not to mention the great conversation starters they’ll be!

Incorporating wooden signs into your decor isn’t expensive either. Most signs will cost you from $15 to $40 depending on what you want to put on each sign. Obviously the more you put on a sign, the more it will cost. Most signs are charged on a ‘per line’ basis with a maximum number of characters on each line, typically 18 characters per line.