Luxurious Champagne Bedroom Ideas 48
Luxurious Champagne Bedroom Ideas 48

30+ Luxurious Champagne Bedroom Ideas

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If you want to get serious about finding time and space in your life for sex, you’re going to have to plan time and space for it. Spontaneity is great, I know, but if you don’t have a place to even BE spontaneous, then the chances of it happening will be slim. It is better to get organized and prepare a place for sex, rather than keep grabbing odd moments here and there, which will create a never-ending series of “quickies” that lack passion and intimacy and make your sex life boring.

So start by deciding on a place and time when sex can happen. The place will probably be your bedroom but the time needs to be suitable for both of you. Having decided that, you then need to establish it as a kid-free zone. Usually, kids these days have the run of the house but it still helps a great deal to lay down the law and tell your kids that mum and dad’s bedroom is off-limits at such and such a time.

Now it’s time to transform your bedroom into the lovenest it needs to be. I think a table or nightstand where you can arrange a few scented goods would be good. Invest in some potpourri to make a nice smell, buy some scented candles and incense, essential oils and massage oil. Stock your refrigerator (either your kitchen refrigerator or a smaller one in the bedroom) with grape juice, apple juice, champagne, ice, dark chocolate, strawberries, filled cream choux pastry eclairs and even oysters, if you like. For the stuff on the nightstand, you should ideally have a drawer in the bedroom where you can stow away this stuff when you are not using it, to keep it from being knocked over by clumsy kids or being the subject of embarrassing questions with the kids at dinnertime.

Use the potpourri, incense and candles to create a pleasant odour in the room and use the essential oils in the bathroom to add scent to the bathtub or to spice up sex in the shower. Then dry off your wife with scented towels (use the essential oils) and transition her to the bedroom. Close the door (and lock it if you can), then proceed to feed her the oysters, eclairs, chocolate and strawberries. Pour a couple of glasses of champagne into fluted glasses from an ice bucket and drink some of it. Then use the massage oil to give her a long, slow, sensuous massage so she gets used to your hands on her body. You can build up her anticipation with this until the massage oil is absorbed into her skin. Then splash the remaining champagne over her body. You can lick off the champagne or else use grape or apple juice on her body and rub it in. Generally, I would recommend licking alcohol and rubbing in juice. Don’t rub alcohol into her skin and never splash it onto her private parts – the evaporating alcohol will dry them up and that could cause discomfort to her during intercourse. After all that, you can make love to her and give her an amazing time!

If I were you, I’d allow myself at least 2 hours for all this. Three would be O.K. but four is getting to be a bit long unless you stock up for a marathon session. Having plenty of time is critical for getting her to warm up to your touch, envelop herself in the experience and explore her own sexual response. It is the time you need to develop your skills in the bedroom, romance your woman and have wild, crazy sex!