Incredible Open Shelving Bookshelves Ideas 36
Incredible Open Shelving Bookshelves Ideas 36

20+ Incredible Open Shelving Bookshelves Ideas

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It is a general opinion that books are treasures. They contain between their pages possibilities for learning, exploration, imagination, and pleasure. The best books are serious investments, pleasing not only the mind, but also the eyes and the hands: with attractive colorful covers, white, crisp-smelling pages, and dark, striking, elegant fonts. For most people, reading is as much of a tactile experience as it is a mental one. So for them preserving the quality of the books that they own is of utmost importance.

For people who love collecting books, the best way to preserve and display their volumes is through custom-sized bookshelves. People, after all, do not have identical collections, so bookshelves should match what the general size of a person’s collection is, and how large he will intend it to grow eventually. Commercial bookcases sometimes do not fit large, hardcover photo books or coffee table editions, so its owners resort to stacking these volumes on their sides. Having a bookshelf customized means that book collectors can specify how tall they want their shelves to be, so that all their books can look good on the shelf; all lined up for easy access and reference.

Getting a bookshelf that is customized will also serve wonderful aesthetic benefits for the home and the room. As there are no two identical book collections, no two rooms are also alike. Homeowners can opt to have their bookshelves tailor made so that it will match the height and width of a room. A floor to ceiling bookshelf immediately creates the effect of a higher ceiling. The finish of the wood, and the possible accessories, can match the theme and the colors of the room, too.

And since it is going to be customized, the bookshelf can be made to fit in just about any corner or wall where books would come in handy: a small bookshelf in the kitchen for cookbooks and recipes, a tall narrow cabinet for the home office records and references, or a long and extensive line of shelves in the den, which can give the effect of having one’s very own private library. Having a bookshelf in these unexpected places gives great convenience and luxury. Having the books right in the places where these information sources will be needed saves the time and effort required of having to rush to the bedroom and trying to find the book under the bed or at the back of the wardrobe. Placing the books in customized bookshelves in open spaces around the house invites everyone to dip into reading once in a while and learn something new every day. This is especially ideal for households with growing up children. Customized bookshelves will have innumerable benefits not just to the house’s appearance, but to the household’s minds as well.