Awesome Fresh Modern Backyard Landscaping Ideas 27
Awesome Fresh Modern Backyard Landscaping Ideas 27

20+ Awesome Fresh Modern Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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With the growing trend of “staycationing” – spending a vacation at home – more people are looking to spruce up their landscapes, making their backyards just like their favorite vacation destination. Gone are the days of picnic tables, plastic pools and folding chairs. Today’s luxury outdoor landscapes feature fully-equipped kitchens, couches, bars, televisions, heaters and fire places. Nowadays it’s all about extending the living space and bringing the comforts from inside outside.

It’s also about going green, which is why landscape contractors can expect to see a rise in the amount of hardscape construction they do this year. Hardscape designs, such as patios, decks and terraces, not only reduces the amount of lawn space that requires watering (a definite plus for green enthusiasts) but it also caters to your clients’ desire for an outdoor living space that is both comfortable and pleasurable – two absolutely-necessary ingredients for a good “staycation.”

Patios – Patios are drastically growing in size to make way for bigger outdoor living spaces. One of the biggest trends right now is treating the backyard like you would a house and dividing it up into separate ‘rooms’ or living areas. These distinct living areas could be divided according to their specific use, for instance: a dining area, a lounging area and a bar area or they could be divided according to a specific theme, for instance: a Japanese-inspired area with a pond, a woodland area with a rock retaining wall and an English-country-inspired section with a gazebo.

And patios no longer have to start right at the back door! These living areas can also be designed as “retreats” tucked away in various locations throughout the backyard, which is especially appealing to clients who are looking for patio designs that keep privacy in mind. And as customers look to spend more and more time outdoors, they may also be interested in sheltered areas. Arbors, hedges, trees, atriums, and pergolas all provide different degrees of shelter and privacy. The design and function possibilities for a patio are completely dependent on the client’s (or the designer’s) imagination!