Brilliant Garden Design Ideas For Front Of House 41
Brilliant Garden Design Ideas For Front Of House 41

30+ Brilliant Garden Design Ideas For Front Of House

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As the prices of real properties skyrocket, most people can no longer afford to own houses with wide front lawns. A few meters of extra space around the perimeter or sometimes even just at the front and back of the house are what most new homeowners could afford now.

This may be sad especially if you planned to have a huge sprawling garden, but even with limited space, you can still have a beautiful front garden design by planting the right plants at the right locations. Here is how you can design your own small front garden.

Since you will be working with a little space, it is important that you plan first before you start digging into the soil. Draw a layout of your front garden design and take note of where your walkway should be and where your garden should start and end. Make sure that trees or shrubs will not cover the front door later on.

Visualize how you want your garden to look like. Would you want it to be colorful? Then think of flowers or plants with colorful leaves. Would you want it to be a lush green? Perhaps you should choose trees and shrubs then. Once you know what you want, it is time to pick specific plants that should grow in your garden. With a small space, you do not have the luxury of planting large trees, so opt for a small tree instead.