Brilliant Open Kitchen Design Ideas 28
Brilliant Open Kitchen Design Ideas 28

20+ Brilliant Open Kitchen Design Ideas

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In years gone by the kitchen was solely the domain of the mother or female of the house. Over the years that has changed dramatically what with more single males having to cook for themselves, the rise in popularity of cookery programs with celebrity male chefs and it generally being more accepted for a man to do the cooking.

This is wonderful (especially if you’re a mother or the female of the house) as it has brought about a complete re-think in the way the modern house is built.

The kitchen used to be the room where the cooking was done the small room at the back of the house with no other real purpose than to prepare meals and maybe to keep the washing machine.
Today the kitchen is a focal point of the house. Homes are designed with this in mind, big open plan dining room kitchens that can house grand dining tables, breakfast bars and any amount of seats for guests.
It’s no surprise that most house parties end up in the kitchen!

Most modern built kitchens [] are basically built around the user with counter tops, appliances and sink surrounding the user and as open as possible so the whole family are included in the cooking rather than the chef being excluded from the family.

As well as being as open as possible the kitchen is now a very personal work of design, your kitchen makes a statement about you. The materials that you build your kitchen out of reflect your personality, materials such as, stainless steel, glass, solid wood, MDF or even stone area all commonly used in modern day kitchen design.