Stunning Sofa Table Design Ideas 19
Stunning Sofa Table Design Ideas 19

20+ Stunning Sofa Table Design Ideas

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Believe it or not, furniture plays a huge role in turning a “house” into somebody’s “home”. It also constitutes the main decor of any place, and thus, you should choose all your furniture sets and individual pieces very carefully. The most-used furniture in your home is most definitely in your living-room, especially your sofas and sofa tables. These are going to be the things that everyone who comes into your home sees and uses.

Kids will plop themselves down on your sofa and toss their snacks and drinks on the sofa tables; your husband and his pals can turn your sofa and sofa tables into their own personal sports bar for watching a game and guests will kick back on the sofa and set their drinks on these tables- they truly are multifunctional.

The usage of sofa tables dates back to the 17th century, and during the 18th and 19th centuries, they became a trademark of fashionable homes throughout Europe and USA. Exclusive hand-crafted pieces from this era would definitely appeal to enthusiastic antique lovers. Initially, sofa tables often doubled as writing desks, as their many drawers allowed for the storage of pens, ink and papers. While antique sofa tables were made almost exclusively of wood, modern versions often use materials such as metal, glass or less expensive synthetic woods.

Thanks to its simplistic design principles, the sofa table adapts well to nearly every style of interior decor there is. Traditional versions are still made of wood, but can be customized to fit popular home design styles from tropical to California Arts and Crafts. Newer styles often go well with industrial or modern designs by featuring utilitarian motifs and glass tops. The versatility of design, as well as the multi-functionality of the sofa table, makes it a popular and enduring furnishing throughout much of the world.