Creative Garden Labyrinth Design Ideas 29
Creative Garden Labyrinth Design Ideas 29

20+ Creative Garden Labyrinth Design Ideas

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If you have always wanted raised beds in your garden, but were concerned about wood rotting and splitting, or if you always wanted a circular garden bed, or a winding path like garden with raised beds, building raised bed garden walls out of cement and rubble could be a solution for you. It is not as difficult as you might imagine!

Cement wall raised beds can be used for a series of small pocket gardens, herb gardens, any large vegetable garden/labyrinth, or applied to the building of any raised garden bed with walls that you desire to be easy to maintain and relatively permanent. All of our raised beds are made with cement walls about eight inches high and four inches wide, partly for durability and partly for practicality – you can sit on them, step on them to walk over to another bed, and they will not rot.

When we made our garden we fenced in an area 35 feet wide and 55 feet long. We made a two foot wide 8 inch high cement wall raised bed on the inside perimeter of the fence – 130 feet long – thinking that would provide enough growing space. As we finished the perimeter garden bed, we realized there was not going to be enough growing space so we made another two foot wide bed inside the other bed – 100 feet long – with a two foot wide path between them.

Since we had such a good start, we went ahead and made a third bed inside the second bed – 65 feet long – with another two foot path between them, working our way into the center. In the center are two small beds, one 5 feet by 8 feet, and one that is 7 feet by 9 feet with a fruit tree in the center. We ended up with a total area of 1925 square feet with 700 feet of growing space in these winding two foot beds. By accident, we discovered we had created a labyrinth.