Gorgeous Modern Mediterranean Design For Inspiraton 38
Gorgeous Modern Mediterranean Design For Inspiraton 38

20+ Gorgoeus Modern Mediterranean Design For Inspiration

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What do people mean when they talk about decorating in the “Mediterranean style?” The name comes from the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, which is almost completely enclosed by three continents!

The sea is bordered to its north by Europe: Spain, France and Italy, Albania and Greece. On the east it’s bordered by Asia: Turkey, Syria and Israel. And to its south it borders the African countries of Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Morocco. (To get from the Mediterranean Sea out into the Atlantic Ocean, mariners have to go through the nine-mile-wide Straits of Gibraltar.)

However, the term “Mediterranean style” does not deal with the eastern or southern countries – they each have their own distinctive styles of interior decorating. Rather, it refers to the countries north of the Mediterranean Sea – Spain, Greece and Italy. It’s also called Spanish modern.

As far as furniture is concerned, they are usually low to the ground, with ornately turned legs and feet; the hardware is heavy and usually burnished. Burnished metal simply means that it has “a smooth glossy finish or appearance.”

The walls are the most distinctive part of the Mediterranean style – rather than simply unadorned walls painted in dull and boring, light colors, they are textured, or covered with faux designs of crumbling wood, or murals of views of a beach through an ornate window, for example.