Adorable Colorful Front Garden Design Ideas 44
Adorable Colorful Front Garden Design Ideas 44

20+ Adorable Colorful Front Garden Design Ideas

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In a larger front garden with more than one rose bed, plant one variety in each bed; otherwise the result will be an unattractive medley of colors. As a guide, if you have a front garden which measures I() ft (3 in) from the gate to your front door, the ideal size of bed is 24 in (60 cm) wide, with two rows of roses.

If you find neatly mown grass or ground-covering shrubs such as cotoneasters boring in a front garden, why not try ground-covering roses instead? Climbing and rambling roses will normally need some kind of discipline imposed on them if they arc not to take over the whole garden. They can be grown in arches over a door, on a pyramid of wires or stakes, or on a fence, wall, trellis or arbor. Despite their size, they can be grown even in the smallest of gardens.

Shrub roses can provide a dramatic feature in gardens, whether they flower only once or repeatedly. This class of rose has been unjustly neglected in the past, but it includes many beautiful old roses, centifolia and moss roses, as well as ‘New English’ roses, which offer superb combinations of old and modern features. Plant these either individually or in groups of three in any suitable position in the garden, or even in a vegetable bed or lawn.

Shrub roses which are not repeat-flowering can be planted between other flowering shrubs to provide continuity of color. Wild roses can be used to make a hedge that will deter even the most determined burglar. Their flowers and hips will provide a splash of color against what may be a rather monotonous hedge for the rest of the year.