Astonishing Living Room With Stone Wall Design Ideas 33
Astonishing Living Room With Stone Wall Design Ideas 33

30+ Astonishing Living Room With Stone Wall Design Ideas

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These days, it seems like more and more amateur decorators in the US are embracing a more casual and relaxed style of decorating their home living rooms. Southwest and Mexican styles have a natural and relaxed look about them, so naturally these decorating methods are becoming more popular lately. Although these styles are considered relaxed and casual, they are far from boring! With some patience and creativity, a living room decorated with a Mexican or Southwest theme can look great and become a magnet for complements from your guests.

Southwest and Mexican types of decor focus on earthy colors, and also some bold, bright tones. Accessories are also abundant in Mexican decorating, usually involving many hand made items to add flair and personality. This style evolves from both Spanish and Native American heritages.

When combines, the beauty of these two cultures creates a very fun and sophisticated atmosphere with a lot of personality. Also common in the Mexican decor style are wooden furniture, Native American patterns, wool rugs, and lamps created from tin and iron.

If you’re interested in decorating your living room in the Mexican style, you want to first begin with your floor. Stone is an excellent choice, though decorative tiles also work well. If you don’t want to be as bold, wood is also fine. Next, you want to pick out some area rugs. If you’re going for a more southwestern style, choose rugs with earth tones. If you’re going Mexican, go ahead and choose some bold and vibrant colors like red, yellow, orange, or blue.

As for the walls, you want a finish with a lot of texture, and the color should be faded, as though the sun has been shining down over time. Borders can be made with various stencil designs, and of course you don’t want to forget to add Mexican wall decorations. If you want to hang pictures, some desert or ocean scenery works great with this style.