Best Ways To Design A Kitchen Desk With Style 32
Best Ways To Design A Kitchen Desk With Style 32

30+ Best Ways To Design A Kitchen Desk With Style

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A well-organized kitchen can be the key to a happy home. So many kitchens today have built-in desks to pay the household bills, to check on recipes or homework. It all sounds good on paper, but more often than not; the desk becomes a place of clutter. Don’t know what to do with this paper or that photo–put it in the kitchen desk area. These convenient desk areas have replaced the “junk” drawers of days gone by.

The desk areas can be controlled with a few “rules”. The same way you train your children to put toys and school things away, you can train the family to treat the kitchen desk area with respect. With more and more households going for “paperless” bill paying, this clutter situation should improve, but what about all the other detritus that appears on the desktop? Take a careful look at what has collected; it is a bit like an archeological dig of your life.

Begin by clearing the nearest counter or dining space near the kitchen desk as a land spot for all that falls on the desk, and move the trash can within easy reach for tossing what is not wanted. Separate what you need to keep or file; make piles of keepsakes, such as children’s art or photos that you wish to keep close at hand.

Once you have separate piles, you will easily see what actually falls on the desk surface and how you can change a few habits. It is a proven fact that if you provide a specific space for things, people are more inclined to put things where they belong. I love the idea of keeping a shredder in this area; but sometimes it is not possible, due to space constraints; but if you have the space, do it! You will find that more than half of the detritus will be gone on a daily basis; providing a trash can of some kind will help achieve the same purpose. Opening mail daily over a trash can eliminates much of the mess with little effort.

Use the walls surrounding the desk as vertical storage for action items and label them for easy identification. Be brutal here: keep only what is necessary, and remember to keep it simple. There are plenty of wall mounted file holders that can be decorative as well as functional. Mark them in a manner that is consistent with your needs; for example: label some with each family member’s name; label others bills to pay, receipts to file/keep for tax returns, school permission slips and the like.