Awesome Mediterranean Deck Designs For The Summer 41
Awesome Mediterranean Deck Designs For The Summer 41

20+ Awesome Mediterranean Deck Designs For The Summer

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As a Landscape Designer, I’m often asked for tips and advice on outdoor living and garden design. The single biggest tip or piece of advice I can give is to arrange an on-site consultation with a qualified Landscape Designer.

But, if you want the satisfaction of doing it all yourself, here are my top tips for designing the garden of your dreams…

Whatever and wherever the setting, landscape design should be thought of as the art of beautifying functionality.

A well designed garden needs to balance the aesthetic with the functional. It needs to reflect and complement the home, the immediate surroundings and, above all else, reflect and incorporate the style of its owner. It needs to: frame the spectacular; hide the unsightly; meet the practical needs of its users; create interest, imagination and enticement; evoke feelings of relaxation, romance, sophistication, elegance and wonder; and add value to the home. It needs to be a highly sensory sanctuary – visual, perfumed, acoustic and tactile.

So my very first consideration when designing any new garden is functionality. Think about how you want to use your garden (i.e. year around outdoor entertaining, play area for the kids, a shady spot to read, a veggie & herb garden, putting green, etc, etc). You then need to workout how much room you need for furniture, pools, spas, play equipment, clothes lines, sheds, compost bins, etc and where you’re going to put every thing. The size and dimensions of your furniture, play equipment, the views from the different windows of your home and the way the sun and shadows track across your yard is largely going to dictate the size, shape and positioning of the different elements in your garden.