Extraordinary Ideas Of Round Furniture For Every Home Style 47
Extraordinary Ideas Of Round Furniture For Every Home Style 47

20+ Extraordinary Ideas Of Round Furniture For Every Home Style

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There’s something about round shapes that simply catches the eye. Maybe it’s their soft curve or the unique visual effect they have on usually straight surfaces. Whatever it is, they’ve proven extremely valuable in home design. Whether it’s a half-moon table or a round area rug, circles are a surefire way to breathe life and personality into your home. This guide offers five round accessories that may give your home that much-needed update.

We’re all used to seeing square tables and chairs, but round ones are so much softer and look a lot more comfortable. Place a round table at the center of a square room to make it feel less boxy. If you can find round chairs to go with it, go ahead and use them as well.

Round area rugs are in high demand especially in large homes, where rooms tend to lack detail. A large oriental rug with a central medallion can instantly become the room’s focal point. This works especially well under a large, dramatic chandelier. If you have living room furniture, arranging them over a round rug can also help define your space.

Round wall d├ęcor isn’t that hard to find. Clocks, picture frames, collages, and even paintings look great in round shapes against your wall. Instead of running parallel to your wall, they run against the straight lines and make your room more visually appealing. Try combining a variety of sizes to add interest and create a casual, quirky atmosphere.

If you can afford it, try having a round window installed in your room. This helps let in more natural light, and filters it for a soft, homey effect. A single large round window on one wall is great for large living rooms, while several smaller ones will work best for bedrooms.