Charming Ideas To Decorate The Living Room With Flowers Plants 35
Charming Ideas To Decorate The Living Room With Flowers Plants 35

30+ Charming Ideas To Decorate The Living Room With Flowers Plants

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Living room looking a little tired and drab? It’s easy to put some zest and even a little zing, into any room that’s gotten a little humdrum. All it takes is a small amount of effort and an investment in some decorating supplies and accessories.

As any good decorator will tell you, the simplest way to update a room is to change the walls with new paint or wallpaper. It never ceases to amaze us how totally a new coat of paint can update and revive a room. Be sure first to try paint samples on a small area before committing an entire room to an unusual color.

If the room needs a shot of color, consider painting one wall in an accent color. For instance, bright yellow will add instant cheer, while deep red walls give a sense of richness and luxury. A deep jade green wall is another way to infuse a room with some energy.

Texture painting techniques offer other ways to bring zing to a room. The simplest effect would be a method known as color washing, in which a layer of shimmery, translucent color is swirled over the base color using a damp cloth to give walls some dimension. Other techniques include faux marbling, sponge painting, combing and leathering. All of these techniques are simple and can be learned quickly even by amateur decorators.

Another quick way to decorate a room is with area rugs. Rooms in more traditional decor styles can benefit from lovely floral rugs used to define spaces or serve as focal points. Rooms in Modern or Contemporary decor styles perk up immediately with the addition of bold solid color rugs or geometric rugs that highlight the style’s clean lines and sharp edges.

Flowering plants always give a room energy and interest. Use pots of your favorites to bring the beauty and freshness of nature indoors. Flowering plants such as red geraniums or hot pink petunias add warmth and vibrancy to a living space. Larger plants, such as a pot containing a trellis full of clematis, can make a striking focal point. Well-arranged vases of cut flowers also can bring some color and drama into the room.