Unusual Metal Bed Designs That Will Fit In Any Interior Style 44
Unusual Metal Bed Designs That Will Fit In Any Interior Style 44

20+ Unusual Metal Bed Designs That Will Fit In Any Interior Style

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If you are looking to create a contemporary look to your bedroom a new bed as the focal point will prove a stylish and necessary item of furniture. With so many different styles and designs available you will have plenty of choice finding a contemporary design to suit your d├ęcor, colour scheme and interior design style.

If you have a large bedroom or prefer to sleep stretched out unrestricted a king size or even a super king size bed will probably be your best option. If you’re looking for something luxurious contemporary four-poster styles will give your room the ‘wow’ factor. Contemporary four-poster designs can either be left without curtains and be used simply as a statement piece or you’ll have the option of putting tab top style curtains around to provide a sense of privacy – sheer voile curtains are also a good idea if you are plagued with gnats and biting insects during the summer!

A metal bed can also be the ideal choice for children. Available in a vast assortment of different designs, a metal bed with a princess fairy-tale look or versatile design which includes a built-in desk and cupboards on the lower section, there will something that your children will love.

A bunk bed is the perfect choice if your children have to share a room as they are a great space-saver. Even if you only have one child or your children have their own bedrooms, bunks enable friends and family to stay over without have to find room on the floor or sleep on the sofa! One of the latest designs in bunks has a bed settee on the bottom half, making this a practical alternative for teenagers, as the settee can be used for relaxing, sitting reading or simply chilling out with friends and should a they wish to stay the night with a couple of simple adjusts the settee can be pulled out to make a small double sized bed.

Contemporary bed designs and styles suit all kinds of homes, including older styles which have been renovated. If you prefer to maintain a style which is in keeping with the period of your home, large brass beds with a modern contemporary twist are easy to find. Alternatively you may be searching for a platform styled bed which are low to the ground for a bedroom look which is right on-trend this year. Whatever style you are looking for contemporary metal beds designs come in sleek, clean lines as well as those with ornate head-boards and foot-boards, and while the vast majority are silver coloured it’s possible to find contemporary styles brass metal beds along with brushed metal finishes and a variety of colours including black.