Outstanding Illuminated Planter Designs That You Shouldnt Miss 11
Outstanding Illuminated Planter Designs That You Shouldnt Miss 11

30+ Outstanding Illuminated Planter Designs That You Shouldnt Miss

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Orchid planters offer a slightly more stylish and decorative way of displaying your orchids than standard plastic pots or baskets often do.

There are a huge array of planters available to you so you should have no trouble finding one to suit your orchid. They come in all shapes and sizes with a huge range of designs, colours and textures. This is my brief guide on what to look for in a suitable orchid planter.

Buying a decent planter follows the same basic rules as any other orchid pot. The pot should be able to hold your orchids roots tightly but still allow good air flow and drainage when filled with a good potting media such as bark or sphagnum moss. Try not to buy a planter that is too large for your orchid, they won’t appreciate the extra space.

An added advantage of using planters or at least planters designed for orchids is that they are usually made of clay which is naturally slightly permeable when turned into pottery. This is great for orchids as it will store a small amount of moisture and improve the humidity in the planter. As a rule orchids enjoy a high level of humidity and epiphytic orchids, those that grow clinging to the surface of trees, are specially adapted to absorb moisture from the air through their exposed roots.

Some planters will have glazed interiors, this can help prevent the orchid becoming too attached to the inside of the pot making it easier to remove when it comes time to re-pot it, reducing potential damage to the roots. Although in my opinion the benefits of a better adapted growing environment outweigh the potential risks of damaging your plant, if your careful when re-potting your orchid should be just fine.