Outstanding Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas 41
Outstanding Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas 41

30+ Outstanding Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

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If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you must make sure you choose the right vanity design. This is one of the major things that you must keep in mind while you venturing into a remodeling project of your existing bathroom. Many people spend money and time in getting the flooring and the design of the wall done perfectly. But one of the most common things that often get neglected is the storage area.

You can install vanity cabinets below the sink to take care of your storage problems. The best part about placing it in such a way is that it not only stores the items that you will be using daily, but it also gives you quick access to them when you are at the sink or looking at the mirror and also conceals the pipes that are present underneath the sink.

Before you go ahead and place an order for installing a bathroom vanity, you must measure the space that will be needed to install it. There are a wide variety of bathroom vanity designs and colors to choose from. You should also check that the color and design that you choose go well with the interior design of the bathroom.

The ideal material for bathroom vanity can be ceramic, Formica, wood marble or granite. You can also get one that has a cut out over the top area so that you can place the sink in it. If you have big space in your bathroom for storage, you can also install one that will allow you to make use of two sinks on that very base and by that achieve a double sink layout with ample storage to boot.

When it comes to choosing a vanity design, you make your choice from modern, traditional and antique. Some people also like to have their own personalized design. If you want a personalized design you can discuss with your contractor to help you transform your custom design idea into reality.