Beautiful Creative Fall Window Box Planter Ideas 36
Beautiful Creative Fall Window Box Planter Ideas 36

30+ Beautiful Creative Fall Window Box Planter Ideas

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Back in my twenties, I rented a small quaint house in San Francisco, just a short distance to the beach. The house was plain and simple with a small front yard. There was only a beautiful rose colored daisy like perennial and a wealth of cineraria growing there. There was a porch, three windows facing the street and three rundown window box planters. There was nothing inside them, not even some dirt, which surprised me.

I found the house charismatic. Having never enjoyed the pleasure of a garden, as I had just moved for a third story Victorian apartment, I was very pleased with the possibilities of the diamond in the rough. All it really needed is time, effort and lots of love in order to come alive.

My first improvement was filling up those window box planters. Even though, my budget matched the appearance of the house, I did want the best results for my money. Naturally, I began with the window boxes, by adding some potting soil and a few flowers. Now I was in business.

Daffodils and tulips first sprang to mind, since it was early winter when I took up residency. These flowers were easily planted to add lots of spring colors to enjoy in a few months. Visualizing a burst of sunshiny colors surrounding the front door was a cinch. I quickly set my mind for planning the summer flowers for my window box planters, shortly after I planted my bulbs.

However, the San Francisco beach area is fairly restrictive when considering various plant life. What with fog, fog and even more fog, the climate was considerably more depressing when you consider that everything about the house was gray. Yes, gray walls, gray roof and even gray window planter boxes. Those before me, I decided had absolutely no imagination at all.