Cool And Easy Diy Desk Project Ideas 36
Cool And Easy Diy Desk Project Ideas 36

20+ Cool And Easy Diy Desk Project Ideas

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When it comes to small desks for small spaces, if you are particularly short of space, you can always utilize a suitable wall and install a wall-mounted shelf for keeping essential stationery tools such as your stapler and hole punch within easy reach. Moreover, you can always increase the shelf’s utility by hanging items in see-through plastic pockets from hooks that can be added from the sides of the shelf.

There are always going to be items that you would rather were not in view. These can be suspended from the insides of the cupboard doors of your desk. If you glue a magnet on to an ordinary wooden clothes peg you will have a ready-made hook which will attach to a huge array of items and keep them stored away neatly.

This kind of make-shift DIY project is ideal if you have one of the small desks for small spaces that are widely available these days due to demand for somewhere to put your pc or store your laptop – which, of course, never come by themselves. You always end up with all sorts of stationery paraphernalia as well which you are going to need to use at some time or other. Designs, such as the Eiffel desk, is perfectly adapted for use as one of the small desks for small spaces. It has convenient storage by way of 3 drawers and 2 lower shelves and is just 23.5 inches wide and 16 inches deep.

However, it does come flat-packed so assembly will be required. This product is manufactured from birch wood with delightfully hand-finished marquetry for a divine finish. A particularly useful idea when you don’t have much room is the desk’s base that has been made to swivel so that you are more easily able to access the whole of your desk without having to pull it all out.

Another designer, Balt, is becoming a pace-setter in ergonomic office designs. They have produced a Lapmaster Laptop Stand that is absolutely perfect for use as a desk where space is limited. Once again, this comes flat packed for home assembly, although it is easily put together with minimum fuss.