Amazing Rooftop Decoration Trends Ideas 2018 41
Amazing Rooftop Decoration Trends Ideas 2018 41

30+ Amazing Rooftop Decoration Trends Ideas 2018

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Most people that think of a screen wall think of the types used to create division in an interior living space. While this is certainly one type of wall divider, there are others. A new trend for this type of product is in the creation of an outdoor garden area. These are popping up in many urban regions where people do not have the space to create a traditional type of landscape. One such area is the rooftop region or patio area of an apartment complex.

The screen walls can be placed to divide a specific area that might be shared with a neighbor. This gives the apartment dweller private room outdoors to create their own unique landscape. Some of these types of wall pieces are created with a mesh design which allows the growth of shrubbery to interweave with the design.

There is also a form referred to as the hedgerow design which provides spacing in a garden area while still allowing a person to see through the fence or wall unit. Most of the wall screens used for outdoor landscaping and gardening purposes come with open regions in the structure.

These open areas make it easy to grow climbing plants or vines, while adding a decorative touch to the garden. They are also used in making a professionally designed outdoor area that can incorporate the use of paths, arbors and ornamentation pieces. People that enjoy the cultivated and precise look of Eastern styled gardens use the wall dividers to build a yard area that is a relaxing and balanced ecosystem they can enjoy. The art of placing foliage and plants in a balanced manner has been a long tradition in other cultures.