Easy Diy Summer Garden Ideas 41
Easy Diy Summer Garden Ideas 41

20+ Easy Diy Summer Garden Ideas

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Whether you choose a traditional sunken pool to enhance your garden, or want to relax to the gentle sound of a water fountain at the end a stressful day, we’ve got some great ideas and buys to suit every outdoor space.

If you install a feature with running water, such as a fountain, stream or waterfall, you might need a reservoir tank, so bear this in mind when choosing the best spot. Fountains and running water also need access to electricity to operate a pump, unless they are solar powered.

If you want to install a pond, it will need to be in a spot that gets at least five hours of natural light a day- preferably sunshine – for the water to remain clear for fish and plants. Avoid overhanging trees and shrubs, as fallen leaves can choke a pond and poison the water.

Ponds and water features will benefit from an annual clean. The best time to do this is in spring, which will give aquatic plants time to re-establish themselves before summer.